Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Knowing more about intrusions of salt water

Salt water intrusion is cause for immediate attention as it is affecting the ground water supplies of many of the concentrated tourism locations across Bali. This includes, South Denpasar, South Badung, Gilimanuk, Southern Negara, and Northern Singaraja. Unfortunately, rapid and unrestricted growth in the tourism industry has led to increased use of groundwater supplies, and this has caused saltwater intrusion in many coastal freshwater wells. Water extraction drops the level of fresh ground water, reducing its water pressure and allowing salt water to flow further inland. Since saltwater intrusion is directly related to the recharge rate of the ground water it has contributed to the encroachment of seawater into the freshwater aquifers. With water fast becoming a hot commodity an obvious solution is to take the salt out of water. Reverse Osmosis technology is currently widely used to address this salt water issue.


Starfish Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Starfish Reverse Osmosis relies on membrane technology. This Reverse Osmosis membrane has pores the size of 1 Angstrom (1/10.000 micron) so that it can effectively filter out minerals or salt present in water. Because the membrane pores are so small, only pure water can pass through the membrane pores while minerals filtered as concentrates are taken out at the same time. For this reason, Starfish Reverse Osmosis is supported by Starfish pre filter media to remove suspended solids, microorganisms, iron, manganese, calcium, silica and organic  contaminants from the feed water before entering the high-pressure pump and Reverse Osmosis membrane. The high pressure pump supplies the required force to drive the feed water through the Reverse Osmosis membrane producing potable water which is 99.2% free of salts, minerals, and other ions.