Why We Need To Treat Water

Town Water Supply

Chlorine is an additive used in town water to treat, of the supply water that serves to kill bacteria contained in water sources. The residue from chlorine will still settle in the town water supply even after its gets processed. The chlorine used can cause skin irritation and other health problems.
Starfish technology will remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals contained in your water, making the water safer for your family to use.

Well water

All water supplies from wells should be tested and analyzed by certified laboratories at least once a year, to check for contaminants that may have been in wells water such as tin, arsenic, bacteria, chemicals from herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides.
Yellowish or brownish water can show high levels of iron content in water while blue stains left in the sinks and toilets show indications that the water contains high levels of acid (low pH).
Hardness in water is a derivative of Calcium and Magnesium contained in water. If the water has a high degree of hardness and the source of the water is not processed it will produce a hardened lime crust (white) and can damage the pipes, bathroom toilets, kitchen equipment, hot water systems and generally affect any equipment in contact with water. Sediment or sand can also be found in the wells water. These particles can have a negative impact on dishwasher and washing machines.

We believe it is important to treat water. We not only provide the product we like to find the best solutions for all your water needs.